Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Meanings For Words You Thought You Kew

And suddenly, in a milonga venue, you receive a GRACIAS! 

  • "Thank you" does not necessarily mean what you think it does. It is only said at the end of a tanda. Sooner means: “Please let me sit down; I do not feel comfortable dancing with you.”

  • "You are welcome" is not the proper response to "thank you" at the end of a tanda. One counters with "It was my pleasure."  Otherwise it is as if you were the giver only and received nothing yourself.

  • "I am sorry" is superfluous except when you hurt someone. This is a social dance and not a performance. In the same vain, avoid excuses, such as “I am rusty” or “I am not very good.” Just let your soul dance. If the other person realizes you have deficits, you are better off with being just who you are.  Just enjoy what is happening.

© Luigi Seta

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